New Students – Web Development


Determined by a student’s daily Blackboard login. Students must login to Blackboard (and open/work on a lesson) at least once, every weekday (M-F) in order to receive attendance credit for that day. It is not necessary to remain logged in for the full day. Maximum attendance credit for a daily login is 5 hours per day (full-time); 2.5 hours per day (part-time). Maximum attendance credit for total weekly logins (M-F) is 25 hours per week (full-time) and 12.5 hours per week (part-time).

Course Progress

Courses and projects are structured to follow a specifically-planned, week-by-week schedule. The program is broken into Occupational Completion Points (OCP’s) that are made up of 150 hours each (6 weeks). The program’s takes 1050 hours (42 weeks) to complete.

Performance Expectations

This program is NOT self-paced and has weekly deadlines, as well as minimum performance and attendance levels, that must all be met in order to succeed.
Every week students must complete (at least) the minimum amount of weekly course work required: 25 hours of work (full-time); 12.5 hours of work (part-time).


Determined by the amount of correct course work a student submits each week. Grading Format: These programs use A – F grading structure. Students should submit their assignments, as soon as they are completed, using Blackboard. After which, students are responsible for consistently reviewing the instructor-graded work and testing all project links. Remember that, just because your assignment/link/file works on your computer (locally) does not guarantee that it will work on the Internet (remote server). If a submitted link is broken, the work cannot be evaluated and the student receives no credit. You will have three attempts for each assignment and one attempt for projects and tests. Always test your work!